First Rain in November

First Rain in November

Yesterday it rained all afternoon. It sets a good mood to listen to Gun’s n Roses’ November Rain once again. I’ve been listening to this song so many times this year, probably the most overplayed song in my MP3 tracklist this year.There’s a lot of meaningful and life-reflecting part in November Rain’s lyrics. One of them is the one that says “Everybody needs some time on their own”, which I’m really lacking of right now.

It has been a really busy time for me lately. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about office life here. I’m talking about my life after-hours. I barely had any free time that I spent on my own. And that’s actually a really good thing. Each and every day has gone past in an eyeblink. There’re really a lot of happenings with the friends I’m hanging out with these days, especially during weekends. If we’re not attending birthday party, then we must have been busy arranging and planning one. At other day, when there’s birthday party, we’d just hangout, went shopping together (mind you, we boys also window shopped around while the girls did their own shop-n-talk!), went for biking without much planning, strolled along the beaches (yes, more than one!), grabbed a cup of coffee or two in a cafe late in the afternoon, or had supper or dessert late at night. But more often than not is having dinner together, and had some crazy talks and moliu time.

Last month we held a big birthday party for four of our friends. It has taken a lot of our time and resources to carefully plan it. But I can tell you all those sweats and clockticks gone were certainly paid off during the celebration. And even after the party’s long over, I was still busy preparing a just-4-fun newsletter for (nearly) everyone of us.

moliu eXpress

It took me nearly 3 weeks to finally finish and be able to distribute the newsletter (actually only around 10 hours of work, if my slacking is excluded). There’s for sure a lot of flaws in the design and editing of the newsletter itself. Coz this is my first time running an amateur newsletter. And one of the most fatal one would be forgetting to include Eileen‘s piece of message in the newsletter. I’m really sorry, Eileen. Please dun’t be ‘SKT’ to me (whatever that SKT mean, haha).

I’m pretty proud of myself this week, being able to finish quite a number of houseworks or tasks that I’ve assigned to myself earlier. Now my showerscreen is sparkling again! And I’ve managed to finish that newsletter (eventhough it’s considered very late already). But there’s still a few more things to be done. And one of them, is bringing our own Halloween Party, which will be held this Saturday, 3rd Nov (yes I know, 31 Oct has passed) to be another memorable party this year.

Nevertheless, so far I’ve been enjoying planning and organising this Halloween party. And hopefully after this party, I’ll be able to spend more time on my own. But this month itself is not gonna be a quiet one either, with a few more friends’ birthday coming up, and then some friends coming over to Melbourne for holiday, and also Amy and Alex are getting married next month. (Congratulations to both of you!!!) And we’ll be holding a mini pre-wedding celebration with the lucky couple some time this month before they fly to Malaysia for their “real” celebration.

Regardless of the uncertain future, I really treasure what is happening with my life and what I have right now, because nothing lasts forever, and we all know hearts can change.

3 thoughts on “First Rain in November

  1. Amy

    I was requested by the owner of the blog to repost and truthfully I forget what i have written. Em..guess I am asking for a copy of newsletter, even though I didn’t participate in those events. Ya, thanks for your wishes and you know I am always your blog fan…kekeke (not an active one though) wink wink

  2. Moliu

    TQ unca octa for all the efforts in preparing such a memorable and meaningful newsletter…
    U can’t imagine wat I’ve been thru ystdy… including those I didnt tell u.. but my bad day turned into a gut one, all thanks to funny & moliu stuff in the newsletter…

    Gut job on the newsletter… maybe as wat u said, there’re some flaws in it.. like no spelling check —>”Patrivck” instead of “Patrick” and absence of Eileen’s message, but overall, it’s the meaning that counts.. so Well Done!
    U can keep improving ur skill by producing more newsletter.. hehe.. is dis gonna be the routine Monthly Newsletter or Quarterly, perhaps?

    Looking fwd to the Halloween Party! Let’s bring down the house! (UR HOUSE.. HEHEHE)


  3. Moliu Second Wife

    it’s my first time viewing your blog page. I havent read through all your story but it seems interesting. I definitely will be your regular visitor to your blog.
    I’m excited to see the newsletter even though I’m just a casual moliu member. I feel bad too when I cant join you. There are so many events that I have missed out.
    Anyway, where is the newsletter? Why I couldnt find it?

    Jia You for your newsletter production! So when is the next issue? hehe…

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