The Lion, the Giraffe, the Elephant, and the Ant

The Lion, the Giraffe, the Elephant, and the Ant

Here are some of the silliest riddles I heard about this year. Try it first before you look up the answer. Give in your best shot, and try as much (and as silly) answers as possible.

  1. A Lion, a Giraffe, an Elephant, and an Ant were walking past a dark forest. When they got out of the forest, they realised that each of their feet was pricked by thorns, except the Ant, whose all six feet were safe from thorn. Why the Ant’s feet didn’t get pricked by thorns?

    Answer: Because the Ant was wearing shoes on all its feet.

  2. One day, the Elephant and the Ant were riding a bike on the freeway. The Ant sat behind the Elephant. All of a sudden, they lost control of the bike, and hit into brick wall at high speed. The Elephant was injured so badly, but the Ant got away without any scratch at all. How could the Ant got so lucky?

    Answer: Because the Ant was wearing helmet.

  3. Right after the accident, they were carried away by the ambulance. The next day, the Lion and the Giraffe visit them in the hospital. They were surprised to see the Ant was lying on the bed next to the Elephant, looked exhausted. If the Ant didn’t suffer from any injuries from the accident, why is it being hospitalised?

    Answer: The Ant was doing blood transfusion to the Elephant.

If you cannot see the answer, try highlighting the text.

PS. Thanks to Patrick for the silliest riddle I’ve ever got. It was so funny, everyone was enjoying it. Hope you guys enjoy it, too.

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