My Moliu Family

My Moliu Family

September 2nd is Australia Father’s Day. MYER had sale going on for that weekend to lure shoppers to spend their dollars on the department store. Nothing extraordinary happened to me on that day. I just texted my Dad to wish him Happy Father’s Day (although it wasn’t Father’s Day in Indonesia). It wasn’t until two weeks later that me, Patrick, and Eddy got a little surprise from our so-called Moliu family. Each of us (father-to-be, although it’s a long way to go for me) got a custom-printed Tee and comical and cartoonish photos from them, mums-to-be.

Let me explain a little bit about my Moliu family. Moliu actually comes from Cantonese words, 无聊, which means have-nothing-better-to-do. Originally, the words are used to describe Fanny for her moliuness. Fanny has Mommy named Shirley, and Moyong (translation: useless) Daddy named Eddy. Eddy has two brothers:

  • me – Uncle Cikpongpong Octa (I dunno what that means), and
  • Uncle Hamsap (means pervert) Patrick

And Moliu has a lot of step sisters whose background are vague. They’re

Then there’s our neighbour Iin. And more step-siblings and “chin-cia-gocap” : Joesy, Vincent, Vien, etc etc.


Anyways, I’d like to dedicate today entry to all members of my Moliu Family. You all have definitely spiced up my life a lot for the past many months. I can’t imagine my life here without you all. There would be no regular Karaoke sessions, no family roadtrip and ski trip, no dinners together, no movie paradise @ 813 Flinders Wharf, no Pictionary and Actionary games, no moliu moments, no potluck, no yumcha’s, no crazy photo sessions, and definitely no T-shirt for me.

Thanks Moliuers. Luv u guys-and-gals to death…

6 thoughts on “My Moliu Family

  1. Moliu

    Yee Haaaa!

    Here I come!

    Dear readers,

    We are so-called moliu family becoz we are ALL in fact moliu.. but just becoz my name is moliu, Im actually not the moliuest of all…
    The moliuest award’s in fact goes to…….ta ranggggggggggg… our unca cikpong pong…octa tuk tuk..

  2. Moliu

    We luv all of u too…
    Without each of all moliu family members, it will mean nothing..
    mind u… all of us contribute to the success of our moliu kingdom.. hehe

    and… just like how u mentioned life without us… I dunno how Im gonna get thru those hard time without u guys n gals.. moliuers…

    so thanks to all of you & us!

  3. Mommy = Shirley

    WOW….me as ur mother in law and also as ur A SHO (i think the right pronounciation) very like this MOU LIU family. Because of them, I can see a lot of funny things, advanture things.
    Without their company, I think im just a really Boring person….hehe who always work, work n work….
    but after have MOU LIU family and Neighbour which is really fun. Always have a lot of story and mou liu things happen…
    btw Octa we all love you and like you…if I’m not around, you need to take care and feed my MOU LIU daughter…also ur 2 wife…hauhuaa…take care all FAMILY..

  4. ocpuso Post author

    Haha. Both of you are moliu enough to leave comments here. No wonder Moliu family still exists and bond strongly… coz every member is so moliu. Huehuehhue…

  5. Cimok

    huahahaha.. nah here i am, another moliuer. after reading missed-out moliu emails, then reading moliu blogs n now making moliu comments. VIVA moliu!!! hohohohoho cayank u all too xOx

  6. Moliu

    yeah.. mommy…
    get unca octa to always take care of us and most importantly feed me with nice food.. hahaha

    Talking bout food, he still owes me kebab… (refer this to xhen’s sms if u got confused, octa tuk tuk!)

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