Long Saturday

Long Saturday

I think yesterday was one of the longest weekend I’ve ever had lately. Woke up at 7.15am on a Saturday morning, went to do my Yaris’ 20,000 Km service in Brighton Toyota, then accompanied Eddy to pickup his “new” Mazda-6 in Robert Lane Honda, about 45 minutes walk from Brighton Toyota. It was such a nice Saturday morning. Then after that, came back to take shower (yeah I didn’t take shower earlier because I was running late for my service appointment, and I was being lazy… hehe).Me, Pat, Fanny, Iin, Octi, Indah, and Erick had lunch in The Booth in Station Rd, Box Hill. Then after that, we split and went for shopping in Chapel St. with Eddy, Yacek, Joesy, and Nelly. Tired of window shopping, we stopped for a drink in The Oriental Tea House, before having dinner in Kagu ra Zaka in Toorak Rd. The food was okay, the atmosphere was quite Japanese with a lot of Japanese decorations.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Then after dinner, me and 11 other friends watched The Bourne Ultimatum, the third installment in the Bourne trilogy. It was such an intense action movie. And this is no ordinary action movie, it’s action movie with brain. Jason Bourne is the guy you don’t wanna mess with. And this is the movie you don’t wanna skip. I’m giving it 8.5 out of 10.

After movie, we spent another couple of hours in Greco Cafe in Crown. When waiting in line, suddenly there’s this strong perfume odour surrround the air. It actually came from the perfume the lady in front of me was wearing. I don’t understand how on earth could someone pick the worst-smelling perfume of all, and apply it so much onto his/herself. This is more sinful that farting inside an elevator. I wish City of Melbourne has this odour-meter (which works like a speed camera, except instead of recording the speed, it records the actual odour of the body) and fashion-cops (who’ll issue fine on-the-spot for those offender).

One thing I noticed was that yesterday was one of my luckiest day in finding parking spot. I got to park in Chapel St. on a busy afternoon for 3 hours, then another good spot in Lt. La Trobe St when watching movie, and then yet another good spot in Whiteman St.

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