100 Things to Do in Life

100 Things to Do in Life

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100 Things To Do

Number one sounds challenging: kissing a movie star. I have never met a movie star eye-to-eye yet, let alone kiss one. But it would be nice if I have the chance to kiss, say, Keira Knightley.

Swimming with a dolphin doesn’t sound that good. In fact, I’d say it’s a bit scary because I think I have a fear of swimming in deep blue sea.

I owned a tailor-made suit (7), donated my print cartridge to PlanetArk – which means indirectly planting a tree (8), and watched lunar eclipse (18) which just happened on 27 Aug 2007 evening.

Skydiving (13) sounds exciting, learning to tango (15) sounds fun, but I’d prefer do hiphop dancing, which I guess would impress girls more than tango. Haha.

Maybe I’d grow a moustache (27) when I’m old enough. And I mean when I am old enough, when my wife has become blind enough to see my face clearly.

Shower under waterfall (29) is definitely the one that I am most interested in. It’s gonna be fun. Somehow I like waterfalls, eventhough I seldom visit one. The most recent one that I visited was MacKenzie Falls in Grampians three years ago. And I didn’t get the chance to take shower under it, coz it was mid autumn at that time.

Fall in love in Paris (30) and break up in Rome (31) might sound like a short-lived Europe holiday romance. Go on roadtrip to Europe, meet a girl in front of Louvre Museum, and break up with her three days later at the centre of Coliseum.

I don’t have much talent when it comes to music, so number 35 seems a bit hard to achieve.

At 47, learning to juggle is something worth mentioning. I’ve been trying to learn to juggle 3 balls for more than a year now without much progress.

Learning to fly a helicopter (51) is nothing. I’ll take a pilot course with RMIT instead if I’m going to learn to fly.

Memorising a poem is something only only nerds, poet, and people with too much time on hands would do. Come to think of it, I still can remember the first few lines from a popular Indonesian poem by Chairil Anwar, namely Aku.

“Aku adalah binatang jalang,
dari kumpulan yang terbuang…”

Does that mean I’m half-nerd, half-poet, and half-too-much-time-on-hands? Who knows… hahaha.

Sometime in the future, if I have the chance, I’d definitely ride the biggest rollercoaster in the world (58). Riding a rollercoaster is simple enough to give me adrenalin rush when I need one.

I’m wondering if I get a tattoo (68), maybe my current image would transform into that of a bad boy, which will definitely attract more girls. This is just following the unwritten rule of All Girls Love Bad Boys. Maybe I should get one immediately. Hahaha…

Playing lead guitar in a band would be supercool. But with my limited talent, I should be happy enough to have the chance to drive the band to concert =(

Lastly, diving with sharks (98) will be the last and least thing I’d do. And I’d do that only when I’m sick enough of this life…

And with only 8 ticked out of 100, I’ve hardly done anything with my life, or so according to NAB.

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