Golden Hair

Golden Hair

Oriental Asians suit more (and only) with dark-colored hair. It is the only natural color that is given by God since we’re born. Be it dark cocoa-brown, black, brownish-black, or black. Did I say black? Along with new age, new millenium, and new global trend that has occured for the past decade or so, Hollywood celebrities’ lifestyle, fashion-sense, and trends started to affect a lot of Eastern culture. One of them is color-dyeing our hair. Be it full-dye, or highlighting. We started to see a lot of Asians started to dye their hair to (extremely-)lighter color. Golden blonde, pearly blonde, titanium blonde, you name it. Blonde Asians, young or middle-aged, skinny or busty, male or female, tall or short started to appear everywhere.

I gotta say this is such a painful thing to see. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not critisizing about the Western-influence on Asian culture. But more about the worse-than-direct-sunlight hair color that my eyes have to bear. I can’t stand watching those “rusty mops” hanging on the head. Or so many modern Monkey Kings and Queens wandering around. Hope none of us will ever need to bleach our hair so badly to torture those people around us.

Now look at these computer-generated photos. We will be color-blinded enough to repeat the same mistake… 😉

Iin and Me Going Blonde

And here’s another one where my Medanese friends go blonde:

Blonde Wonderwomen

2 thoughts on “Golden Hair

  1. Mary n adok

    Kera saktiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    gak pernah berhentiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    (err….. lupa kita liriknya… trus nanya2 temen2 gak ada yg tau… hahahahahhahah)
    (eh…. ini ketemu… di google… ahhahahahaahhahahahahha….. ini dia kera saktiiiiii……)

    Kera Sakti – Indosiar

    Seekor kera terpuruk terpenjara dalam gua
    Di gunung tinggi sunyi tempat hukuman para dewa
    Bertindak sesuka hati loncat ke sana kesini
    Hiraukan semua masalah di muka bumi ini

    Dengan sehelai bulu dan rambut dari tubuhnya
    Dia brubah, menerpa, menerjang segala apa yang ada
    Walau halangan rintangan semakin panjang membentang
    Tak jadi masalah dan tak kan jadi beban pikiran

    Berkelana setiap hari demi mendapat kitab suci
    Dengan dukungan dari gurunya temukan jati diri
    Semua kan dihadapi dengan gagah berani
    Walau aral rintangan setiap saat datang tuk menguji

    Reff :
    Kera sakti
    Tak pernah berhenti bertindak sesuka hati

    Kera Sakti
    Menjadi pengawal mencari kitab Suci

    Kera Sakti
    Liar, Nakal, brutal, membuat semua orang menjadi gempar

    Kera Sakti
    Hanya hukuman yang dapat menghentikannya

    Walau halangan rintangan membentang
    Tak jadi masalah dan tak jadi beban pikiran

    Reff.. reff

    ha… ha….


  2. Fanny

    Wat have u done to my hair…??? kyaaaaaaaa!
    Neva have I dyed my hair before.. not to mention bright colour like that…
    Gosh, u’re gonna be in trouble if my mommy n daddy find out.. hmmmm!

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