Friday 13

Friday 13

Yesterday was Friday the Thirteenth. And my office held a office-decorating competition to celebrate it. The theme for the decoration is Lucky Day. Nearly every department put their best effort to win the competition (not mine however, our three-people department didn’t participate. The winning department would get $40-voucher for every member of the department. Although my department didn’t participate, it was fun watching what and how people have done for decoration.

Here’s some photos of it. Check out the green Chinese dragon (which looked more like green evil snake) hanging from the ceiling. I don’t get what the big fans and the nine dwarfs standing on top of the partition mean though.

lucky day compo

Here’s another department. They even drew up a big Deity Julai Hut, which is usually associated with good luck, and erected a big rainbow.

cash tree
lucky rainbow

And in the end, this was the winning team (note Peter, the rabbit):

lucky winner

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