The Perfect Crime

The Perfect Crime

Prologue: this entry is rated R (for Revolting). Please leave if you don’t like to read something revolting.

I’m sure every one of us has ever farted, at least once in our life. In most cases, farting are "carried out" when no one else is around us. For better words, we fart in private. No one feel comfortable sharing their poisonous gas with other, even no one wanna share others "smell" voluntarily either. Whoever accidentally smells stinky air would feel disgusted and revolted.

I was in the elevator just then. No one’s around in the carriage when nature suddenly calls, so I subconsciously farted. Needless to say it stinked in the elevator. Just as I stepped out from the elevator, a pizza man and another guy stepped in. Oh boy, I pity those who would have to stay in there for a little while involuntarily after someone’s just farted. It would be nice if I let them know to take the other elevator because I just farted in this one. But I quickly shut that idea away, as that would means humiliating myself in public.

Anyway, when committing crime, we need to do it perfectly, by leaving the crime scene immediately, leaving no evidence behind (except the "weapon"), and denying any wrongdoings/accusations. (I feel guilty for the crime I just committed, that’s why I’m writing this blog to make my guilt go away… LOL)

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