Restaurants and food in Hong Kong are always presented in a nice way. The interior design, decor, lighting, are always interesting to observe. In some place, even the food presentation makes you really wanna have a bite. One food I really miss from Hong Kong is its Crispy Pork, or Sio Bak in Hokkian. It’s so damn good and so damn delicious. Siomay are also very nice and authentic. Oh, do not miss the wonton noodle in there. It’s much nicer compared to noodles in Melbourne. The noodle is a bit like Indonesian mie karet, except that it’s thinner and nicer. There was one day where Iin had noodles for lunch, dinner, and supper.

Food in Hong Kong isn’t the cheapest, but you can always find something to eat for a reasonable price. Sometimes it’s too oily, too sweet, or too cheesy. But there are a lot of other nice dishes and cuisines too. What you need to do is try as many dishes as possible, so that you know which ones are nice and which ones are not.

Image: clockwise from top left are crab noodle soup, snowman bun, minced pork and tofu with rice in bamboo, red bean bun, tofu-fa, and fried tofu. (Yes, I luvvvv tofu!)

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