Late Night Rambling

Late Night Rambling

Ocean Park was today destination. This was the third time I visited the park. Overall, it’s not as fun and exciting as the theme parks in Gold Coast. There were more (in number and fun) rides in Gold Coast. The locals said Ocean Park is bigger and better than Hong Kong Disneyland. Hmm, so if I consider Ocean Park as nothing special, then would HK Disneyland be disappointing? Anyway, will prove that in a few days time.

Life I have these days consists only a few main activities. Dining out, window shopping for cloths and electronic stuff, going to scenic places, coming home late, checking emails, and sleeping. There’s no need to think about work. I don’t even keep track of what day of the week it is. I walked a lot lot more these days. I always have sore legs at the end of the day. That’s due to lack of exercise. Working as a programmer is bad for health but good for pocket. Shopping holiday is good for health, but bad for pocket. Hmm.. is there anything that’s good for pocket and good for health?
One thing I notice about Hong Kong is that, it’s kinda hard to find a bench for people to take a short break from long walk on the street or in the mall. It’s not as convenient as Melbourne. But I gotta admit my endurance and fitness level is far below ideal. Need to exercise more!!!

I’m now torn up between buying a new digital camera or sticking to my good old Nikon E4300. I pretty much have made the decision to replace it with Nikon S8. But is it worth replacing? If any of you think there’s a few good reasons why I shouldn’t choose Nikon S8, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Late Night Rambling

  1. Fang-Fang

    Wah, HK is not as convenient as SG as well, there are lots of bench along the road n path…….

    Hmm, i suggest better save your money for something else more useful hehe… such as savings for the future!


  2. Octa

    Well, I’ve bought a new one. A totally different camera from Nikon S8. It’s Pentax A10. Not as easy to take photo, but it’s clearly a winner amongst other compact digital camera.

    Thanks 4 you guys’ suggestion anyway.

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