Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong

Four_1I spent these three days mainly for window shopping. Went to Mongkok, which is shopping heaven for both men and women. Iin spent 5 hours in Harlam Place, a big twelve-floor shopping centre that boasts two longest indoor escalators connecting fourth floor to ninth floor, and ninth floor to top floor, while me and Eddy walked around the surrounding area that’s full of electronic and clothing store. It’s such a big shopping place which is still very busy even until late at nite. The top right and bottom left pictures were taken in Mongkok, around 9pm.

Yesterday we went Yumcha near Eddy’s place, which is really a funky yumcha restaurant. The top left picture was taken there. Then after a very filling 2-hour yumcha session, we went shopping around Tsuen Wan. All the stuff are cheap cheap compared to Melbourne. Now I know why a lot of people, especially women like to go to Hong Kong. We managed to pay a visit to my 2nd Aunt and 3rd Aunt (from my dad’s family) in Tsuen Wan. The bottom right picture was taken in my 3rd Aunt place.

Today I went to Tsim Sha Tsui, which has an even bigger shopping center called Harbour City. It covers the area of around 20 soccer fields. A lot of tourists, both local, international, and those from the mainland visit this place. Then, at night, walk along the Avenue of Stars, where the laser show from Hong Kong skyline could be seen in the evening. Too bad the sky was a bit foggy this evening.

Okay, I gotta run. Will write some more later.

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