Mannequins and the Desk

Mannequins and the Desk

Me and Eddy went to Chadstone for window shopping yesterday. He was browsing on the Mens Clothing section in David Jones when we came across the most sexiest mannequin ever on display. Then there’s another vulgar mannequin on display in one of the stores nearby.

If these stores are in Indonesia, the store managers would have been
"prosecuted" (note the double quotes) for breaking the Anti Pornography
and Pornoaction (is that even a valid English term?? Searching Google
suggests otherwise though) Bill. I’m not sure if the Bill has been
passed by Senate as a Law.


Anyway, on a completely separate topic, the IT department in my office
has been moved around the office. Now three of us (yes, we are
Three-Men-Department!) sit just outside the Manager’s office. It’s
brighter and closer to the rest of the guys in the office. I’m sure the
hustle and bustle from the Call Operators sitting next to our cubicle
would surely accompany us as a background noise. I’d need a better
headphone and louder music for cancelling those noise out if I’m to
maintain my productivity level. Me, as a programmer, can’t work in a
noisy and distracting environment.

Since we just moved this afternoon, there was a bit of cleaning and
tidying up going on. Now my desk looks duly simple and boring. Hmm…
what else should I put to add more zest into it? What do you guys have
on your desk/on the wall to brighten your  time in the office? Please
gimme some idea.

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