November Vacation

November Vacation

Next month’s gonna be an interesting one. I’ll be having vacation for around 11 days in Hong Kong with one of my friend, Iin. There’ll be Eddy, my housemate, who’s gonna be our voluntary local tour guide. He’s going back for his sister wedding. So I thought, it’s good timing. He can show us Hong Kong around (coz he’s from Hong Kong, and for sure he knows the place well).

Hmm, I will need to visit my Third Auntie (and probably Second Auntie) in there. Disneyland is a mandatory destination. Then Hong Kong downtown shopping spree. And I reckon, The Peak, Victoria Harbour are other mandatory destinations. And of course tasting the special meal where  it originated from : Yumcha. We’re planning to visit Macao and Shenzhen too. We’ve even applied for Chinese Visa. Hmm.. I wonder which place in Shenzhen is nice to visit. If any of you have any idea, just drop me a line, or write some comments down here 😉 Hmm, actually there’s not much planning goes into this trip. We’re just trying to enjoy the flow. So hope everything works out fine. Fingers crossed.

On a side note, Iin’s just my close friend. We’ve known each other for nearly 6 years now. But she’s just a friend. Quite close. So don’t think this trip as a honeymoon, you guys.

PS. I also have booked ticket for going to Indonesia next year. Yayy!

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