Having finished my task today, I was taking a short break this afternoon in the office. I just wondered when Jay Chou will come down to Melbourne, and hold a concert or two. So I decided to google "jay chou melbourne", and I got a very unrelevant, but interesting result. This website, www.alexallied.com, is somebody’s personal site and blog. Being curious on his other blog
entries, I decided to read through some random entries. The guy has a
lot of interesting blog entries, and then I stumbled across www.jienster.com, another similar blogsite. The site contains what I believe as the most heart-touching blog entry I’ve ever read in my life. You can read it here, and then write a line or two of comments on it below. Unwittingly, I shed some drop of tears by the time I finished reading it. It sounds crazy, shedding tears for somebody I didn’t even know. I didn’t even know the guy’s grandpa. And it was office time, why was I suddenly so touchy-feely?

I guess deep down inside, I’m feeling something similar. I have never, in my whole life, been explicitly telling my mom and dad, the best people in the world that I’ve known of, that how much I love them. How much I really wanna thank them for having always extending their arms and supporting for me, in my best time, or when I was feeling so vain. I am really ashamed of myself. Somehow, saying "I Love You" to them, has been my BIGGEST disability. I love them of all people, I miss them desperately, I idolise them until all eternity, but I have never have the courage to explicitly say it. I haven’t achieved much in life that can make them proud. I envy everybody in the world who can easily express their love to their parents, who can share plenty of time with their parents and beloved ones. When the time come, which has been my biggest fear in life, I don’t want to be feeling like a fool. I want to cherish every moment I still have. I want to give them happiness. I want them to know how much I really love and miss them. I want to give my most sincere gratitude to my mom and dad, the best parents in the whole universe. I promise myself. You guys should also do the same thing today. Use every opportunity to show your love.

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  1. Fang-Fang

    Dear Bro,

    Same here, missing parents so much yet no courage to explicitly tell them how much i love them, more than everything in this world… seems that life is so short to be spent with them ;( Therefore cherish before they are gone ;(

    However as old saying, tell them how much you love them before too late…


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