I woke up really late this morning, 6 minutes to 9! Gosh, I forgot to reset my 2nd alarm clock, which was suppose to woke me up at 8.15am. Anyway, wasting no more time, within 1 minute, I was already in the shower. Too rushed that I forgot to grab a breakfast bar, and I had to resort to Cadbury Fruit and Nuts as my brekky. Goodness me!

And to add further add salt to the wound, the reason why I woke late was due to some silly,  full-of-fantasy dream I had. In the dream, I was a "true superhero". Drove up to the "snowy" Goldcoast which was some 2000 kms north from here, I encountered the biggest disaster the earth has ever seen, the ground started to part, and the whole world started to tilt vertically. That was when I suddenly transformed into Spiderman, and my fingers naturally started to form sticky spiderweb that saved me and those with me from "doom". I could even hang and swing from one point to the other using my web, which is exactly like a scene from Spiderman:

However, xhen picture my dream to be more similar to this:

No wonder my real-self didn’t bother to wake up to the real world.
Subconsciously, having a superhero identity really boost one’s
confidence. LOL.

Enough of that, because I got in half an hour late, I had to stayed back for a little while. Left office at 5.30pm, I rushed home. As I entered my apartment lobby, I just realised that I left my apartment security tag, along with my office security tag on my desk. Bugger! I needed to return to office just to fetch ’em so that I won’t have to "suffer" over the weekend. Guess what, how "lucky" I was to find out that after-hour access to seventh floor is denied without any after-hour security tag. I was like circus-monkey, kept going in and out from all four lifts trying to get up to 7th floor – to no luck. The only thing I could do was waiting for someone I know of to go past the ground floor, and hopefully that someone would let me go back up to the office. But what if that "someone" never actually showed up? What if that "someone" wasn’t so helpful? Anyway, I had to be optimistic on occasion like this. I’m not the type that give up so easily on something that hasn’t been proved to be impossible. I’m that stubborn-optimistic kind of person. I had to wait. And that someone had to show up. After a good 10-minutes waiting (and countless of other people in and out of the building, but none of them actually worked in level 7), Lift no.3 opened up, and Donovan (he’s my manager) showed up. I told him, and he let me got access back into the office. Thanks Donovan! You’re my
"spiderman" today. What was supposed to be "rush back home" had turned out to be one of the longest-time return from office to home. The rest of the story is predictable. The trip walking back home was really enjoyable. Twilight sky, city light, and slow-moving traffic all suddenly became so beautiful. The air was much fresher than before, and I was inspired to write this blog.

Thanks for having spent your valuable time on my boring blog today!

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