My Prayer Is Answered

My Prayer Is Answered

Finally, I arrived at a point where I could rebuild my career. I would like to use this occasion to express my gratitude towards all my special friends. First start, thank God for having shown the way to me. Next, I’d like to say BIG THANK YOU to Joei, who still believe in me, and together with Kelly, has offered me "financial solution" during that cash-strapped time. You are true friends. Big hugs go to Iin and Via, whom I believed had prayed hard for me. Your prayers and my prayer) have been answered. Many thanks to Sue Ann and Felice, who had offered me some vacancies (although they didn’t quite come at the right timing).

Thanks to my housemates and ex-housemates, who’re still hanging in there with me during the difficult period. Heaps of thanks to Lina, who’s helped me preparing for job interview both orally and technically. I wish you the best of luck in your future and career, regardless of where you will be. Also many many thanks to Octi, Yenny, Callista, Elmung, Mery, Jaya, Lidya, and a lot more friends whom I couldn’t name one by one, those who’ve supported and cared about me all  the way. You guys made my life more bearable and cheerful. Thanks and knock-head Erni and Hasan,  who put smiles back into my face when I was down.

Thanks to Ryan and my previous company, NeoMeridian, who has given me good reference and the opportunity to develop my career. You are the first reason why I am writing this. Big thanks to my family, who have supported me in every possible way during my life in Melbourne. Love you all very much. Also thanks to my new company, ICS, who’s given me the hope I’ve been searching. I’ll  try and give my best for our association.

I promise to you all, and to myself, I won’t let you down. Having realised that I still have a  very strong support network, it puts back the stars onto the sky in my life, and helps me regain my confidence.

4 thoughts on “My Prayer Is Answered

  1. 'Mery'

    Congratulation ya….. akhirnya perjuangan loe tiap hari untuk apply lowongan kerja nga sia-sia juga hehe kerja yang baek jangan online mlulu di msn, ups…..ketauan dech 😀
    ok dech… hope u success with ur new job ‘n gud luck 4 u :p
    may God Bless U!!!!

  2. Lina

    Congratz … blognya mirip pidato pemenang academy awards ya, ternyata banyak supporter di balek kesuksesan ini hehe…
    Anyway, you truly deserve this job with your wholeheartedly determination, hardwork and intelligence. So keep up the good work as always! Success is on your way.
    PS: thanks for wishing me the best.

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