Paper Rolls

Paper Rolls

For those of you hoping to read about food recipe here, please leave now. Same case applies to those who’re currently having meals. But if you’re a weirdo, freak, or people paying attention to matters in great details, read on!

How many of toilet paper rolls do we use? This question popped up from my discussion with one of my friends. She said 6 people in her place consumed up to two rolls every day. Assume one standard roll is 270 sheets, with one sheet is 10cm long. That means 54 metres a day. Or 378 metres a week. That is 20km a year. Imagine you clean up your "mess" all the way from Melbourne CBD to Monash University in Clayton. That’s a hell long of a way. Okay back to topic. I reckon two rolls per day is superfast consumption level. I noticed that the first ever toilet paper rolls I bought last January (yeah, first ever! All my previous housemates are always the stock-taker.) still have 2 unused rolls. That means consumption of only 4 rolls over one month period, and that’s sharing with Eddy, my current housemate.

So if we do the sum, for a year, that is 1.3 km long, or about the length of the main street in my hometown from one end to the other end. For a fair comparison, we still save paper roll of around 6km in length each year compared to my friend’s group.

So what makes the BIG difference? The frequency of visit? As a matter of fact, I’m a frequent visitor. I deposit daily, sometimes twice a day. Too bad the toilet doesnt have customer-loyalty scheme like FlyBuys, or Qantas Frequent Flyer. Otherwise, I bet I’ll redeem rewards very often.

Then what about the technique of "cleaning"? She jokingly asked if I actually cleaned myself properly after each toilet session? Of course yes. Undoubtedly, I reckon the technique really counts. And also the amount of papers you roll onto your palm each time. I’m not going to give in great details what is considered good technique. I’m just pointing out, I’m a cost-efficient, productive person when it comes to toilet paper rolls.

2 thoughts on “Paper Rolls

  1. Emily

    huahuahuhauha….. my goodness… that was your research??? what a calculation… hey, but… 6 rolls can last for more than 1 month… eh.. no.. almost 2 months but still have 2 rolls unused. ask other people i bet they will wondering you and eddy clean up nicely and properly.. hahaha.. 😛 if go out with both of u, must prepare a perfume… hahahha 😛

  2. Fang

    Hey Bro,

    I know your ‘concern’ here but it all depend on individual… Glad to know that sometimes it’s just need to save on certain things, it’s all up to you to decide… 😉 However some others may view that using up some more papers will make them ‘more comfortable’ get it???


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