Autumn Wind

Autumn Wind

Tomorrow is officially the first day of autumn. Autumn is identical with falling leaves. Just like the tree of hope I’ve been growing. Slowly and surely each hope is falling over day after day. This 2006 hasn’t been my best time. Each and every problem comes and haunts me, stripping off my optimism and my courage bit by bit.

I’m wondering how on earth could I speak words of courage to those friends of mine who’re pretty much facing similar reality of life as I am, but when it comes to myself, I’m unable to keep my own head up. I’ve been having the ups and downs of life. Some days I could still looked up the sky and believed things will get better. On other days, I just wished I could stay in my dream for a little longer before waking up to the day. I know hunting for jobs needs patience. And the more desperate I am, the harder for me to get a new one. Gotta be patient, be consistent, be hard-working, be motivated, and be strong. I have to stay cheerful. Hopefully, the fresh autumn wind will blow away the summer dust and bring a better change to my life.

3 thoughts on “Autumn Wind

  1. 'Mery'

    wat u think thiz life is?? thiz life is so misterious n we never know what will happen 2morrow…. bukan hanya sekedar bangun, tidur,makan ‘n kerja aza tapi juga ada masalah2 yang datang silih berganti.. ini baru namanya hidup.. 😀
    tapi.. gw percaya gmn pun n apa pun yg terjadi lu pasti bisa menjalaninya denan tegar n menjadikannya menjadi suatu pengalaman yg berarti n berharga dlm hidup loe.. u said 2 me tat
    u’re mature right?? never give up 2 hunting a new job trus jgn lupa janji lu ya kl da dpt job baru huahaha hope u’ll find a gud job soon lar….


  2. Fang

    My Dear Brother…

    In Life, there will always be UPS n DOWNS as what everyone is facing… No matter hows… Dun let those problems discourage you from doing better n Stay OPTIMISTICS!

    Eventhough sometimes it’s hard to pass those ‘down’ times but remember ‘Wherever there is a rain, it will stop eventually’

    You just need to be STRONG to pass this day n be PATIENT to go thru it…

    No matter what, i will always be there for you when you need ‘HELP’ k?? (^__^)

    Buddha Bless!


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