Orange Jasmine

Orange Jasmine

I am feeling extremely happy now. I would like to say BIG THANK YOU to this friend of mine, who, despite the very long distance, still managed to impress me. I would give all the Orange Jasmines in this world to her just to show how glad I am to be her friend.

CardThe cute little writings are really enjoyable to
read. Then the funny stuff you mentioned. The extremely long and big
card you gave me. The colourful ink you used. The silly signature
(yeah.. they’re silly.. just like signature of a drunk man). Then
considering how late this greeting arrived, it all adds up to the
reason that makes me feeling so good right now.

Anyway… I’m thinking a lot of things right now, but somehow it’s so hard to type down all the thoughts. I guess that’s what usually happen when I get over-excited.

Lastly, I hope we can meet again in near future. Hope our friendship will get stronger, and last even longer. Nothing more precious than a friend in joy and in sorrow. I tell you, you’re one of the few that’s been helping me getting through the joy and sorrow in my life. Thank you!

One thought on “Orange Jasmine

  1. Kelly

    I have read through this many many times and I realise that everytime i read through this page, i will smile sweetly like a siao kia smiling at the pc screen..hehe..and guess only i realise that the ‘orange jasmines’ is referring to the card that i sent u..OH MY GOD!!..hehe..those are orange color smiley faces..not orange jasmines..i was susah payah thinking what the hell is ‘orange jasmine’ the first time i saw it..haha..anyway..thanks ya..coz this is a page which i can ‘chase’ my sorrow, depress and stress away..miss ya..

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