Sate Padang

Sate Padang

Image354I made Sate Padang this afternoon. It’s a traditional dish from Minang, a province in central Sumatra. I’ve been craving this dish for months, and only until today I managed to try cooking it. Well, the thickness, colour, and taste of the gravy is pretty good. The texture of the Lontong is not too bad, but still needs more improvement. The smell of the satays is excellent, just that it smells not as good as when grilled over charcoal, coz I was just using a griller. This was my first time cooking this Sate Padang, so I kinda excited and proud of the result.
Anyway, I can’t really be objective, coz I cooked the dish. Of course I’ll say good things about my own cooking ;-). My sister and my brother-in-law could give more objective comment about the Sate Padang I cooked. Well… I did most of it, with the help of my sister. Kudos to her coz the lontong she made was much better than mine, in terms of shape and texture.

Image348The lontong itself is our own version of lontong. Can’t buy any banana
leaves anywhere in Melbourne. So, as a substitute, I used bamboo
leaves, which are usually used to wrap Bakcang. To be honest, I sucked
at wrapping the lontong. My sister teased me that the lontong I wrapped
looked like a FedEx parcel.

Image349This is my sister’s. The two in the background are also wrapped by her. Hehe.. I know, mine really sucks.. Hahaha…

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