Hair Conditioner is NOT a Facial Wash!

Hair Conditioner is NOT a Facial Wash!

I nearly washed my face with hair conditioner just now in the shower. Just as i put the hair conditioner onto my face, i realised i was doing a silly mistake, so i wiped them onto my hair before it’s too late. But, hey, my eyes kinda hurt a bit.. coz the menthol in the conditioner reacted with my skin.. cool, as well as a bit spicy… hauhaha..

I remember last time, I even put Facial Wash onto my hair.. like it was the shampoo. Wat the ?!? So blurry. Need to stay focus.. even when i take shower!!

2 thoughts on “Hair Conditioner is NOT a Facial Wash!

  1. Fang

    Hey Bro…
    Huahaha……. What a foolish thing you had! Blur n Fool n Blur n Fool hehehe……

    Hair Conditioner becomes Facial Wash – Facial Wash becomes Shampoo ?? Later on, the detergent will be your Shower Cream haha!!!

    Don’t day dream!!!!! ^_^



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