I dunno wat the heck i was thinking this afternoon. I did one full load of laundry, but forgot to put the detergent and softener into the washing machine. Just realised it when I was gonna unload the machine, and dry the clothes. Smelled something different from usual… then i just realised what had gone wrong. Oh my goodness… that’s so blur of me. I need to redo the washing again. #$!@#$~%

Usual Sunday. Nothing much going on. Woke up late, very late. Then shower and had lunch with Eddy n my sis. Then window shopping. Then Lucky Cup. Then Safeway. Then go home for dinner.

Hmm.. now i need to wait for 2 hrs waiting for my laundry to finish. Am running out of clean socks… now I’m in Emergency Level 1.

One thought on “Blur

  1. Fang

    Huahaha My Dear Brotherrrr…..!!! 😀
    What a ‘FUNNY’ experience you were having!

    Note for you:
    Concentrate on every single things you do, do not daydream while doing something’s serious! You might mess up your day by your own neglect!


    Fang ^_*

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