This is not a war …

This is not a war …

… this is an extermination!". That’s one of the lines from "War of the Worlds". It’s such a good movie that I dun wanna talk too much about it. Let you see it for yourself. Right from the start until the end, every moment is action packed, full of suspense & thrill.

Octa_en_1Oh, i nearly forgot to mention that En En, my classmate in primary
school, came to Melbourne for holiday with her family. We managed to
catch up on stuff this evening. Went with her and her family to Crown
for dinner. Their trip to Melbourne is quite packed that this evening
(technically, last nite, coz now it’s 3am Saturday).

I managed to submit my Passport renewal application in Indonesian
Consulate this morning. The staff serving me was a bit arrogant.And the administration process isn’t one of the best one at all.
But who really cares. I’m powerless to change human’s personality.
Besides,  I only keep in touch with the consulate once every 5 years.

To sum up, this week’s Friday is an interesting one.. so much exciting things going on.

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  1. the OC

    Wat was I trying to say?
    “Their trip to Melbourne is quite packed that this evening…”

    *-) Wat is it? How come i couldn’t remember? Wat the.. feel like banging my own brain.. so blur !!!

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