Happy Birthday to Aaron !

Happy Birthday to Aaron !

Dear Aaron,

Wish you have a wonderful time celebrating your 2nd birthday with family. May you grow up and up and up. Be blessed with health, intelligence, obedience. Wish you colourful and happy days for the years to come.

From your uncle,


Today’s my lil nephew’s birthday. He’s now 2 years old. Haven’t bought him a present first. Might go and do a little shopping tomorrow after work. Yay… shopping time ! Hmm.. he’s got a lot of new toys today, so i think i’d better buy him clothing. Nice one of course. Hehe..

Just back from that small party in my sis place. We had stir fried noodles, satays, bbq chicken wings, salads, boiled red eggs, and misua. Oh.. and as dessert, Tiramisu cake. Yummy….

Oh, i watched The Terminal half-way last nite.. will continue today after taking shower soon. Heheh.. it’s a nice movie, about Tom Hanks being casted away in JFK airport NY. Hehe…

Okay, enuf talking… c u guys later.

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