Easter Owl

Easter Owl

Just back from work today. I’m back working as the dripping-sweat-and-blood kitchenhand in The International.

Had quite a short day today, altho Daylight Savings just ended last nite. Woke up, did housework, then had yumcha @ Kingbo. Then went to Sue’s helping her resetting up the bedframe. Then off to work. Kinda pissed with one of the colleague. He’s pretty lazy n slow. I mean, come on, it’s half past ten, n the desserts, coffee cups, saucers, milk jug, sugars, cookies were all coming in. Couldn’t he just work a lil quicker? I’m not hoping to work with a turtle, for heaven’s sake.

Oh, after work, went back to Sue’s place. They’re all there. Guess wat, these days, Sue’s nu place is like our headquarters. Went there quite few times this week. Oh, then she also made me a toast. Nutella toast. Yumm… especially after u had a simple n quick dinner (just couscous and a bite of fish, with some snatched prawn. hahaha). Me still feel hungry a bit, but it’s okay.. it’s well past midnite.. not suppose to have big meal. Hahah.

Now i’m suppose to go to bed. But since tomorrow’s Easter Monday, n my body’s still releasing heat after shower, i’m still here, writing blog entry for the day.

Okay, no more stuff to write on. Bye !

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