It’s been quite a busy weekend. Me helping Sue, Ben, Wil, and Lidia moving. Sue n Ben moving to Kavanagh St, while Wil n Lidia will soon move to Docklands.

The face of Southbank might change a little bit by Wil n Lid moving away from Southbank. However, I hope the friendships among us will grow stronger.

We had so much fun doing things together, go clubbing, packing stuff, moving furnitures, teasing Ben with his ‘Cipeng’, go lunch, dinner, n even supper. Yay, supper at 2am in McD. Hehehe… oh.. we have special guest for the supper too, Kelly. It’s kinda very coincidental that she was also hungry at that time. Hehe.. so Ben gotta pick her up from Lygon St. So by that, our so called Southbank Neighbourhood extends from Malvern to Toorak to Carlton, and soon, Docklands. Hehe. Err, speaking of Malvern… Iin is our part-time member. She’s kinda ‘boh sim’ when going out with us. Hehehe… Oh, for today dinner, we even invited Eddy, Tata n housemates for dinner @ Malaymas. It was a good experience for me. Sharing good food with Joey, accompanied by so many great companions. Haha.

Oh, it’s third time us going to Amber Lounge last friday. We hardly made into it. Coz there were so many people queueing outside. Eugene even wore the same shirt as when we queued for 2 hrs n weren’t able to get in. This time we’re being lucky. Hehe.. after a while, Wil got drunk, n he was asked by the bouncers to ‘take fresh air outside’, or leave the premise, coz the bouncers saw him being too drunk. Amy need to drive us for Kebab, then drive Wil’s car home. Wow, she’s a hella independent gal. Being a shorty gal, but with a basket full of talents n capabilities. So proud knowing such a wonderful gal.

Okay, guess i’ll stop here. Time for bed.

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