Akimarts Is Expanding

Akimarts Is Expanding

I am now working in Akimarts, an accu retail store based in Pluit, Jakarta supplying batteries and automotive accu of various types and brands.

The idea of expanding Akimarts is very much the main mission of the company. One way towards achieving that mission is to expand and open a new outlet in a new market. My presence in this company is to drive that expansion.

I’m gladly announcing that we’ve found a site for the new outlet. It’ll be somewhere in Jakarta Selatan. The exact location will be revealed soon. Right now it is going through renovation. We are targeting July 2012 opening date.

Have to admit, all these things that I am doing lately are not in my familiar territory. It was the first time I went hunting for commercial property for rent, signed contract, hired a tradies for renovation work, and organised everything else in between, all in a new town that I’m still trying to get used to living. There’s still a big learning curve right ahead. But I know I just gotta have faith, be confident and optimistic, and march on.

Akimarts on Facebook

Today, all I’m asking for is your support. Visit Akimarts’ Facebook page, and hit the Like button on the top right corner. Or help me spread the word/catchphrase:

“Ingat aki, ingat Akimarts.”

It’ll mean so much to me. 😉

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