The Crunchy Muesli

The Crunchy Muesli

The other day, I got two free packs of Uncle Tobys Toasted Muesli. The word “crunchy” and the fact that if I shake the packaging, it will make a nice ringing noise, it makes me curious and eager to try how it taste like.

So I was running late this morning, and I brought one pack to office. Poured myself a bowl of full cream milk, and heat it up for a minute, then I opened the packet, and poured the crunchy muesli into my milk.

I’m surprised to discover that it actually tasted more like watermelon seeds than something crunchy as advertised. To be honest, I kinda like the taste of it. But for nice packaging like that, I would expect a more royal taste. I could have simply seal a handful of cracked watermelon seed, printed nice label on it, and call it the same toasted muesli. It would have make no difference to the unwitting customers.

Toasted Muesli and watermelon seeds. Taste the same.

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