I Am Bird Hater

I Am Bird Hater


That’s exactly how I felt when I walked up towards my parked car at work just now. What on earth was happening? There were like 5 drops of birds’ poo on my car. What the heck, were they partying or something on the roof of my car. Or did they eat spoilt pumpkin seeds and then had diarrhoea?


It’s already unfortunate enough for office workers like us who have to travel so far for work and park the car in the open space without shelter. These brainless birds only know how to cause us more misery, treating our car roof like their public toilet. It’s still alright if they clean up after themselves. But that’s wishful thinking. There’s not much I can do right now except to wipe clean the so-called-public-toilet.

I’ve had enough. If there’s such thing as World Association of Brainless Birds, I’d sure have brought up my complaint towards it. They need to learn basic courtesy and hygiene.  I’ll also make each of them wear nappies.

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