My Water Bed(room)

My Water Bed(room)

Water Bed(room) is defined as:

a bedroom where water filled the carpeted floor, releasing odour, and causing the occupant to move out and sleep somewhere else for the night.

I ain’t sleeping in my bedroom tonight. Reason being? A big patch of the carpet in my bedroom is wet. I don’t even know where the water came from. Could have been the neighbour who has left the tap water in their bathroom (which I assume would be next to my bedroom) turned on overnight. The water could have sipped through the floor and wall and into my bedroom. It must have been. Coz my unit’s bathroom taps and sinks are working fine, and there’s not even a drop of water in the bathroom floor (except the shower area, of course).

wet carpet
The darker patch is wet from the leakage.

Patrick helped me putting this graffiti art in place. He said it’ll at least absorb the leakage (which apparently is still happening) and slow down the wet patch spreading.

room graffiti
This is by no means work of Banksy. But I’m proud to have it in my room for a while.

There’s so much water in the carpet that it is now releasing odour like that of steam-cleaning. I can’t believe this is happening. Maybe I should ask for compensation from the agent. For my wet wardrobe, for forcing me out of my bedroom tonight, and for such a “hard time”. Oh well, at least I get to doze off to watching TV tonight.

bed in living
What a messy living room. But that’s not the point of this photo.

Talking about TV, I watched MasterChef on Channel Ten just now. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the contestants (especially the blokes) of this reality TV had tears in their eyes when the result for the night’s challenge was announced.  Some were too emotional because they won the challenge (of which the prize was only a lunch in Chandon Winery, Yarra Valley), while others were upset because they felt that they’d let the others down. What the? I felt like I was watching touchy-feely soap opera. Or is this really a common happening in the real world?

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