Tong’s Avocado Tofu-Fa

Tong’s Avocado Tofu-Fa

If you are soybean, soymilk, or any tofu-product lover, and you happen to visit Medan, then be sure to drop by Tong’s to try this sweet dessert (or tea time snack, if you prefer). They serve one of the best and freshest soymilk I’ve ever tasted. It’s so original and good to drink. For each jug that I drank, I felt like my skin was smoothen and whiten by 10%. LOL

The most unique menu item available, I reckon, is the Avocado Tofu-Fa, or literally, beancurd-flower with avocado blend. What makes this so unique is actually the accompanying avocado blend. It’s creamy, sweet, yet so smooth. When you mix it with the warm, soft, white tofu, it kinda melts in your mouth, creating a cool and fresh sensation. This is just like a natural bodily air-conditioner, suitable to be consumed during hot sunny day.

Tongs Avocado Tofu-Fa

Apart from this dessert, they also have quite extensive menu. The black bean soymilk is also a must try. It’s not exactly black-coloured as the name suggest, in fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s slightly darker than it’s usual soymilk counterpart. The tapioca seed (or Kolang Kaling in Indonesian, Atap-ci in Hokkian) is also very nice. The texture andthe taste are very consistent from the first bite until the last chew.

Here’s the address:

Jln. Kejaksaan No. 7D
Medan, Indonesia
Phone: +62 61 4527 905
Opening time:  11:30 am – 10:00 pm, seven days a week

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