Counting Days

Counting Days

I’m having trouble sleeping right now. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see you with your joyful smile. The more I tried to sleep, the more vivid your shadow become.

Haven’t seen you for quite a while now. Somehow, I have this empty feeling inside of me. It’s weird, I had been able to clear you off my head for a few days, but right now I’m thinking about you again. Feel like seeing you and telling you how much I miss you. But all I can do is only to keep it to myself.

I recalled you ever told me to count the number of imaginary goats in my mind right before I went to bed. Maybe I should do that again tonight. But instead of counting goats, I’ll be counting the number of days until you open the door to your heart for me. I don’t know how far I will be counting, but I think I’ll fall asleep long before I reach that number tonight.

Suddenly miss you. Where could you be? Are you happy or sad?

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