Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry

It’s such a bad idea doing groceries right before dinner time. Well, bad for my pocket, at least. Every item on the shelves looks all yummy and delicious. And when I’m hungry, all sort of food ideas sprung to mind. Basil chicken, roast chicken, honey glazed soy pork, Moroccan chicken, Italian meatballs, grilled lamb with yoghurt, etc.

I just did my groceries for the week. And it totalled $87.53. It is the highest amount of money I ever spent on a single groceries bill for one week for myself. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that figure displayed on the cash register. Wow, I must be having big feast every day for this week.

Came home a bit late today, with one thing in mind: Thai green curry. In no time was I chopping veggies and marinating meat, while at the same time doing some dish-washing. Everything needs to be done simultaneously to save time these days when the tummy’s growling wanting food.

All those hard work and patience paid off once I served the curry for myself. Itadakimasu.

green curry
(Hmm.. nothing green about it, except the basil leaves on top. Haha.)

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