Day 2: Medan

Day 2: Medan

Woke up fresh at 5am, and went straight to shower. Then rushed to the airport. Kelly certainly know how to take care of her VIP guest. Hehe. It’s still early when I checked in. I almost couldn’t believe that there’re still Malaysian people out there who cut queues without any feeling of guilt.

Due to sudden tummy upset, I paid a visit to the toilet near my flight boarding gate. Damn the toilet roll was rough like sandpaper. I dunno what local people use to clean themselves, but they sure have tough arses.

Once I arrived in Medan, nothing is unusual: the swarming porter boy in arrival hall, lowtech facility, warm morning, polluted air, slowly-moving traffic, and nice local food. I got to go online using my cousin’s Speedy, one of Indonesian ADSL line provider. It’s nice to be able to be up online, at least I would feel up-2-date with the life I leave in Melbourne for 2 weeks.

I visit/met 3 relatives on 3 different occasion and time, and all 3 of them ask the same first question: have I got a girlfriend yet?

Ge’ez, these days that question has been asked so often it is now almost like a formal greeting when you meet any old friends. “How are you” is long gone, same as B&W TVs.

After dropping some stuff to Jen in her workplace, I headed back to Siantar, about 3 hours drive from Medan. Jen is still the same old Jen: care-free, bubbly, and fun. But she now has additional features: big pimple on her chin, and a boyfriend.

Trip back home wasn’t one of the most enjoyable one: crammed seat, no leg room, and driver who sped like there’s no more tomorrow.

Nothing much have changed in Siantar either, except more bakery shops and restaurants. The road on the side of my home has been widened, and at night, food hawkers would line up on either side of the street, creating unique Siantar nightlife.

That’s enough for now. Will update more later.

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