November Rush

November Rush

Just came out from a long cold shower. How refreshing it is. The moment that cold water splashed your body, a rush of excitement occupy your whole body, which makes cold shower really refreshing.

I just joined Medibank My Options private health cover this afternoon. It’ll cost me around 60 bucks a month. Am I feeling better now?

Summer is fast approaching, and before you know it, December is just around the corner. My birthday’s coming up, which means I’m one step closer towards 3rd gear of my life. And yet so far, what have I achieved?

Tomorrow weather is forecasted to be 32ยฐC, sunny. Damn, why so hot?

Mom’s coming down under this weekend. Yippie yay! But her tourist visa hasn’t been granted yet. What make it take so long?

My sista’s expecting another baby. Woohoo! Can’t wait to meet the little precious one. Also can’t wait for the Month-Old Celebration (ๆปกๆœˆ). Usually back home, people celebrating would give out Kalasan lunchboxes to family and friends. How I miss Indonesian food. Hmm, what’s gonna be on our newborn’s celebration?

I’m going for another camping trip at the end of this month. Gotta pray a lot so that there won’t be any bushfire that might ruin our plan. What about annoying summer bushflies?

I’m flying back to Indonesia for a two-week holiday this Chinese New Year. Yeah, after two years, I finally get to visit hometown again. And the best part of it, is that I get to spend Chinese New Year with my parents. Suddenly something crossed my mind. How many red pockets will I get next year? Hihi… Considering I’m high on 2nd gear, probably only two at most. Haha…

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