That 80’s Party

That 80’s Party

The Costume

Punk-rocker wig $3.50
Arm Tattoos $3.50
Neck chain $1.50
Electric guitar free
Ear rings borrowed from Eddy
Skinny Jeans borrowed from Eddy
Vest borrowed my sis’
Living the life of a rockstar priceless!

Had a rock-n-roll time in Campari, Pt Melbourne last night. (Nearly-) all the partygoers dressed up in their oldest and puniest fashion taste. Big hairdos, bright eye-blinding, neon-colored shirts, thick and flashy make-ups, gradient 80’s sunglasses, were some of the features of the night.

The Cake

We made the cake ourselves the night before. Should have posted this earlier, but for the sake of the surprise element, I didn’t post this until after the party is over. Thanks to those who contributed efforts in making this cake a success.

Penguin Cake

The Gifts

There were a series of birthday gifts for the birthday girl, Ms. Fanny Tjan. First the photo album, dropped in her place the night before, then a bouquet of tulips with embedded “FREE” stuffs. The cake is also part of the gift. Then a 4GB USB drive (as requested), and a 27-megapixel “PENGON” (not-so-)digital camera.

PS. check out this, this, and this photo album for more photos!

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  1. Moliu

    thumbs up, unca octa, the creative moliuer!

    you have already won the 80’s fashion with such a low budget but creative ideas… and.. I luv the ideas of borrowing from here n there rather than buying new stuff.. so u ROCK!

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