East Link Is Now Open

East Link Is Now Open

Been a while since I last updated my blog. Nothing much going on with my life right now, or at least nothing dramatic.

One thing changed is that since June 29, Victoria’s latest tollway, East Link is open to public. East Link is a 39km tollway connecting Frankston to Mitcham. The East Link radio ad is quite interesting, with the line “Surprise everyone by arriving early”. Between then until July 26, East Link will be free. It’s so good to be able to travel on East Link. My traveling time is cut by about 10-15 minutes a trip. I woke up half an hour late this morning. Thanks to East Link, I reached office at 9.30am, only 15 minutes later than usual (that means I was late by about 15 minutes daily.. hahaha).

But just like Nelly Furtado’s song, all good things will come to an end, my express trip will also end in about a week time. Oh well, gotta drive as much on East Link as possible while it’s free.

PS. I have successfully reacquired the domain name sclass.info for $60. It’s way too late. We already owned mysclass.com. Currently I just forward http://sclass.info to http://mysclass.com.

PPS. xhen rolled out his official blog for the first time. As for now, there’s nothing in there yet. But at least there’s the start. C’mon you guys, go and create your own blog too.

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