Buddha’s Day

Buddha’s Day

There was Buddha Festival in Federation Square last weekend. But it was raining on Saturday all day, and besides Yenny only volunteered on Sunday. So me and a few friends went down to Federation Square on Sunday. It was quite a beautiful day. The festival itself was alright, not too bad, but not overly exciting either. Food was nice, eventhough it was all vegetarian. Because we didn’t have any lunch before going there, first thing I did once reaching there was browsing through all the food stalls. Hehehe. Too busy filling my tummy I couldn’t be bothered to take any photos of the nice food.

Then afterwards, went to visit Yenny’s stall, where visitors were given opportunity to fill up plastic bottles with colourful sand.

Sand Bottle Stand
Who has better pose? Look at my way of holding the bottle, so naturally talented. Hahaha…

Then next to the sand bottles stall, there was face painting stall and pop-pop lottery stand. (It’s funny how religious event like this have a gambling game!) I won a small souvenir from the pop-pop lottery, and then “donate” my left cheek for face painting. Julia was actually watching the stand at that time, and she offered to draw my face for small gold coin donation. So I requested octopus. It took less than 10 minutes. But I needed to keep calm for that 10 minutes, couldn’t smile or laugh (which was hard), otherwise, Julia warned me that, the result would become wrinkled octopus. Thanks to her talent, the octopus drawing came out handsome.

Octopus Face Painting
In the photo top right, I was actually holding my laugh. Which was hard. Hahaha.

Then we met the mascot of the event, a cartoonish-look big-headed young monk. So took a quick picture of it.

The Cute Monk and Adok
Adok with the mascot, a cute monk.

I happened to take photo of a random Wishing Leaf by a total stranger.The person actually wrote a long and very beautiful wish.

Franciska Young's Wishing Leaf

It says “I Wish My Parents, and My grandmother have a long-life and good luck. I wish I could finish my bachelor with a high mark & get a good job. Wish I have good friends and a nice boyfriend. I wish I have a wonderful future and make my parents happy.. – Franciska Young“.

Wish your wish comes true, Franciska Young (whoever you are)!

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