A Quick Visit to NGV

A Quick Visit to NGV

Don’t you hate it when you just had a good shower, and dressed up a little bit, and then stepped into Asian takeaway shop for a quick lunch, only to realise it upon coming out that you were now full of the stir-fry smell from kitchen? That’s what happened to me today. Hehehehe.

I had a late lunch in Uzu, Caulfield with my sister. They served yummy Unagi Don there. Then on the way back to the city, we drove past St Kilda Cemetery. I was trying to get a good spot for taking photo, but to no avail. My sister said I am weird, wanting to take photo of cemetery. Hehe. And when one photo of the cemetery and uttered “Hmm, not nice!”, she replied saying it’s a cemetery, what do we expect? Hehehe…

Anyway, since it was only 4pm on a gloomy and rainy Saturday afternoon, I suddenly had an idea of paying a visit to National Gallery of Victoria in St. Kilda Rd. It’s free admission, and it’s indoor too. So we won’t get wet. I’d say it’s an interesting 1 hour visit to NGV, where a lot of paintings and artworks are on display. If some of the galleries ban photography, then it’s still interesting to take photo of the building architecture. Here’s some of the shots.

Adok in Chinese Art Gallery - NGV
Adok in Chinese Art Gallery – NGV

Adok in NGV
Adok with NGV’s famous Water Glass Panel

Adok and Octa
Adok and Octa in NGV

Adok in front of NGV
Adok in NGV

Octa the Umbrella Model
Umbrella salesman in action!

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  1. shell

    lolzzzz……sacrificing ur good appearance a bit is worth it for the nice unagi though……hahahahah :p

    one more thing……there shudn’t be a salesman in front of the national gallery…..lolzz……
    is it salesman for the umbrella?hahahaahaahahh………..

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