The Earth Hour

The Earth Hour

I got this interesting image from xhen in yesterday’s POSHEDIK mails:

Gay Fingers

And after a quick self-observation, this is what I found out about myself:

  • My right hand appears to confirm that I’m MACHO MAN, with my ring finger longer than index finger.
    Ocpuso Fingers
  • To my surprise, my left ring finger is just as long as my left index finger.
    Ocpuso Fingers
  • So, with simple math (one hand confirms that I’m macho, the other says i could be gay), does this mean I have 25% probability to be GAY?
  • If I turn my left hand while observing (so that the palm of my left hand is facing away from me), my index finger does actually become longer than my ring finger.
    Ocpuso Fingers

I believe everyone of you (especially the boys) reading today’s entry would have at least looked at their own hands. So come on, tell me what you found out about yourself.

On another topic, tomorrow’s Earth Hour Day. Anyone who wanna participate in helping cutting down global carbon emission, tomorrow’s the time! At 8pm local time for exactly one hour, participants are expected to turn off lights, TVs, ovens, heaters, A/Cs, PCs, or any other electrical appliances they don’t use. I haven’t officially joined the movement yet, but I might voluntarily switch off my mobile phone, my home PC (which would be off anyway, as I am seldom at home at 8pm on any Saturday), and my car. I might just have a candle-light dinner for 60 minutes. Hehe…

There’s some silly statements from my friends regarding this Earth Hour:

  • Yenny “Mama Wong” said she would fully-charge her laptop before 8pm tomorrow, so that she can cut electricity supply from powerpoint to her laptop during the Earth Hour period. What difference does it make? Hueheuhe…
  • xhen “Sensen Gym” suggested that if the official Earth Hour website,, is still accessible tomorrow, then it’s actually a crap mission. sengye.gif
  • xhen also added that he doesn’t really need to volunteer, because he and fellow Medan-lang has involuntarily participated a lot in cutting global carbon emission due to the frequent planned blackout carried out by PLN, the monopolised and government-operated electricity company in Indonesia.

2 thoughts on “The Earth Hour

  1. iin

    haha.. this article is interesting..the magz i did actually had the article about the earth hour and i oso thought what i wanna do .. but i guess i completely forgot and was having fun under the lights of bangkok hhhahaha….=D good to read ur blog and pic update hehe

  2. ocpuso Post author

    Adoooy Iin… Earth Hour is about shutting off electrical appliances, NOT your memory! Anyway, your comments made me envy you so much… get to taste nightlife in Bangkok. Hope there’s no physical change when you come back here. Hehe. Enjoy your looooooong holiday.

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