Two Stories from the Kitchen

Two Stories from the Kitchen

I’ve got two unrelated short stories to share today:

I made one recipe of Chocolate Mousse last nite. A packet of instant mousse powder plus a bottle of lite thickened cream yields about 10 glasses of chocolate mousse. Apart from the fact that I needed to stir it with a spatula (because I couldn’t locate my sister’s electric hand mixer, it is a pretty trivial mousse-making process. Luckily it still came out alright. And the taste was acceptable (or so I thought). If any of you doubt my word, go and ask Cathy, Eileen, Axien, Stephanie, or anyone else who tried it out last nite after delicious dinner at Cathy’s. 😉

Chocolate Mousse in Progress

Today I went to my sister’s place for dinner again. I was helping with the cleaning after dinner, when Aaron, my cheeky nephew played hide-and-seek (or hide-and-see, as he called it) with his Dad. He hid behind the door of cupboard where dinner plates and bowls were usually kept. I played along by shouting out “Aaron’s not here”, while winking to him. Then as I bent down to put a plate into the cupboard, I smelled something stinky.

Guess what, Aaron just farted! Right into the cupboard! Gosh… and it smelled like rotten egg. I asked him if he did, and he just threw a quick smile. Everyone was laughing at this stage. Cheeky little boy! The “radioactive” gas ought to have made all the plates and bowls in the cupboard toxic. Will need to wash them again tomorrow before use. Haha…

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