One Day in February 2008…

One Day in February 2008…

As everyone is aware, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It’s one of the day in the year where everyone is encouraged to express their love and sympathy towards those they feel very attached emotionally. A lot of people mistakenly regard it as the only day we show our love towards each other. In fact, in every day of our life, we should still celebrate the power of love, the joy of being loved and cherished by others. I’m sure most of us would like to share the special moment with someone special. If that someone special is not available, or non-existent, then we’ll resolve to celebrate it with others who feel the same way (that is, singles should hang out with singles… hahaha).

Valentine's Day

Anyway, I’m organising a dinner with friends for tomorrow. You’ll be able to bump into me tomorrow at 8pm in Sung’s Kitchen, Franklin St. There was an interesting thing came up when I was making a phone booking. Here’s snippet of the conversation:

Me: I’d like to make a booking for tomorrow dinner.
SK: We have two sessions; one starts at 5.30, the other one starts at 8.15.
Me: Oh, I’ll take the 8.15 one.
SK: Okay, can I have your name and contact number please?
Me: Yeah, it’s Octa, O-C-T-A. Phone number is 0408 xxx xxx.
SK: Sure, no problem. It’s for two people, right?
Me: Ha-ha! No, it’s for thirteen people.
SK: Oh, I’m sorry. Thought it’s for two, coz a lot of couples are celebrating Valentine’s Day.
Me: That’s alright. It’s understandable… We’re celebrating it tomorrow too… in big groups.

The waiter just assumed that it’s gonna be me and my partner. Hehehe, she’s completely wrong. I’ll be celebrating with 12 girls, because the dinner bill is cheaper by the dozen. Hahaha… just kidding. It’s gonna be with 8 (sophisticated-)ladies and 4 (very-)gentlemen. Hopefully it’ll turn to a memorable celebration.

Have a good celebration tomorrow (even if you’re single). Just go out there and make yourself and people around you happy tomorrow!

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