A New Year, A New Step

A New Year, A New Step

Happy New Year to all my readers (I wonder how many.. hehehe)! More than one week has gone past since that wonderful Southgate Fireworks on New Year’s Eve. And even my mom and my sister will be flying back to Singapore (and eventually Indonesia) tomorrow. I’ll miss them.

2007 has been a good year. I haven’t achieved much last year. And I haven’t really set my own new year resolution for 2008. Maybe now it’s time:

  1. get an even happier life
  2. be more punctual at work and on all appointments
  3. be a cooler dude (some said I am too HOT.. hahahaha)
  4. get a healthier and more active daily life
  5. save $20,000 just for fun

On a more philosophical note, just ponder this. All decisions we make in every part of our life certainly carry risks of its own. Every choice we face when making a decision has its own good points and drawbacks. But in the end, we still have to make a decision. A firm decision. Our own decision that we have faith in and we respect. A decision we will have no regret of.

Anyhow, lately I’ve been complaining about my current job to a few friends. Somehow I lost my motivation. I found more and more of my work are less and less challenging. But I kept hanging in there… until one day there’s a call from a recruitment agent. That was mid-December. Fast forward to today, and I’m ready to announce that I am ready to move on. Starting end of this month, I’ll be taking up a new position in another company. I am now ready for another fresh breath in my career. The position I’m taking on is based in Dandenong South, 40 km away from the CBD. And it’s an 18-month contract. So that means I’ll be travelling back and forth CBD-Dandenong South every weekday for the next 18 months. That is 37,200 km in total; another 3000 km more and I’ll be travelling as far as going around the world in one full circle. I hope my motivation will sustain me in the new role that long.

Afterall, I guess God really listened to my all whingings. I should consider myself really lucky to be able to land myself on another job without taking much initiative. Thank You, God!

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