The Unblessed Sneeze and the Lost Butter

The Unblessed Sneeze and the Lost Butter

It’s Monday again. And this morning, it’s suddenly not as cold as recently. But today pollen count was quite high, I guess. I had terrible blocked nose once I reached office. And my eyes felt swollen and red. It’s the official first day of hay fever for this spring. Ugh I hate it. I sneezed a lot in the office too. Funny thing is, none of my colleagues seemed to care to bless me when I sneezed. Hmm, I need to live with it, and bless myself.

I went to Safeway last night and bought soft plain buns for my brekkie today, thinking of having a nice toast with butter in the office. I usually left my butter at the back of the top section of my office fridge. But this morning I noticed it’s gone missing. I had a quick look around the fridge, and noticed a box of butter that looks very familiar. I think it’s mine, but I’m not 100% sure. And I think someone has mistakenly claim it. Damn it! I want my butter back! Oh well, let be gone be bygone. I should get a new box of butter a.s.a.p. And I need to remind myself to somehow mark my next butter. Maybe by sneezing into it. Or by buying the fattiest butter available. Or buy unique brand like Blueband, which is the most popular Indonesian brand for butter.

Toast without butter is like life without any friends. So, with a simple (but kinda stupid analogy), lost butter should be treated like lost friends. Either you claim them back, or you deal with it and get new ones.

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