My Skin are Sensitive

My Skin are Sensitive

Since I was young, I have had various minor skin condition. This is due to sensitive skin. I still remember there were lots of red spots on both of my legs that I got from mozzie bite. We usually refer to kids with that kind of legs as "rich" kids; they have a lot of jigo-gocap (25¢ and 50¢ coins)  on their legs. Any idea why? That’s because opposite my house is an open-space big frontyard where the big trees grow and the green grass stand up tall. There’re also long uncovered gutter which usually get blocked, and overflowed onto the street when heavy rains pours down. The area is perfect for mosquito breeding ground.

Then I had eczema in my teenage time. That’s because I went to public swimming pool frequently during that time. I also remembered that there was one time I couldn’t find my anti-ezcema cream. I suspected the maid stole it. And I swore that whoever stole and then used it, wouldn’t recover from ezcema. I am quite a revengeful person, don’t you reckon?

Anyway, since few days ago, I started to have red, itchy spots on my body, near the left ribs area. And I think it’s spreading slowly. And the itch started to get worse and worse. I already saw the doctor, and she gave the prescription. The prescription is not meant to cure it, but rather just to make it more bearable and . That’s because there’s no medicine that can cure it (and there’s no need to). It will go away as time goes by. But she said, over the next few days to a couple of weeks, the rash would get worse. But it only looks worse than it actually is. So no need to worry too much. This skin rash is called Pityriasis rosea, which is caused by a viral infection. It’s contagious, but not very highly. So you guys, there’s no need to stay away from me, but don’t get too close to me either =P

Oh, she also recommended me to stop using soap, and to use soap-substitute cleansing lotion instead. I just had my shower with Cetaphyl Cleansing Lotion. I gotta say, it’s kinda weird to wash your body with latherless soap. I’d always prefer a lot of lather when washing, be it face, hair, body, clothes, or dishes. But I need to stick with this Cetaphyl for a little while, since it’s better for my sensitive skin.

Okay, that’s it for today. Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Verari

    Hah Eczema??? I had that Eczema skin problem during my stay in Melb as well, hmm weird, could it be weather change???

    I also used oily bath shower instead of soap, very expensive n sounds not comfortable hehe

    I recover since then…

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