Misty Monday

Misty Monday

It’s a interesting how I could always ended up coming across the same neighbour for the third day in a row. He lives on the same floor, few doors down, on the opposite side of the building, which faces the river. I was a bit late this morning (you know, Monday morning, nothing’s suppose to be normal). Yet he was also a bit late. Guess we have some kind of telepathic communication that we could always ended up meeting in front of the lift for the past 3 days in a row. I haven’t known his name yet, which is quite strange, considering we already met so many times and had a little morning chit chat in the lift and on the way to work. Maybe I should introduce myself the next time we wait for the same lift.

On another topic, I noticed a funny human behaviour this afternoon. I was on an intersection, waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green. Then these two girls came towards the intersection, and one of them said "Oh shit, tram number one!". I can tell they’re both intending to hop on the tram on the opposite side of the road. But they’re going to miss it, because the pedestrian light hasn’t turn green. And by the time it turns green, that means the tram’s light is gonna be green too. Then this girl start pressing the pedestrian crossing button quickly and repetitiously. That’s a bit interesting. You see, no matter how fast and how hard she presses on the button, the light won’t turn green anytime sooner, or that the tram won’t move away any sooner. Pedestrian buttons are not like doorbells, where the more hastily we press, the more ‘panic’ we’re trying to create to the occupant. Humans tend to respond more quickly when under pressure. But this is not the case for the pedestrian buttons. By pressing the pedestrian crossing buttons repetitiously, we’re only making ourselves more panic. They’d better cross the street while it’s red (which of course is risky), wait for 10 more mins for the next tram, or run towards the next tram stop. I’d probably choose the latter. I just can’t stand wasting my precious 10 mins waiting for the tram on a cold winter dusk.

PS. Melbourne’s experiencing foggy morning. Read that  two Melbourne-bound flights from LA had to wait in Sydney for the sky to clear.

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  1. Fang-Fang

    Hey bro,

    Haha! Interesting topic hehe…

    My goodness, how silly they are waiting there just to press the button, won’t make any efforts to run to the next bus stop or either they dun understand how it works!

    Anyway…. keep up on writing a gud blog to read… 😉


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