On The Way Home

On The Way Home

I was hurrying to a computer store this afternoon after work when I heard a loud bang.
Then I turned around, and soon learned that the guy that just ran passed me
had hit a glass wall at the bus stop. His mobile was thrown out onto middle of the road.
He stood unsteadily for a moment before this lady (and then me) approached him.
Hmm… it’s quite dangerous when people are hurrying for something and didn’t see things properly. Maybe he’s suffering from night blindness, where one has poor vision at night or dim light.

Luckily he was okay.

Anyway, as a side topic, but still in-related: I still managed to asked "Are you alright, Sir?". Then that little part of my brain whisper to myself "Am I being overly polite?". I dunno. I think it’s been pre-recorded into my brain, whenever I’m asking "Are you alright"-type of question, I always ended it with "Sir", or "Ma’am". As a side note, I worked in a foodcourt for more than 2 years, where I got to serve a lot of customers. It’s nice to be able to address people with
respect. But it’s kinda out-of-place if strangers are greeting with "Sir" or "Ma’am" in informal
situation. I think it also ever happened to me in the toilet with fellow colleague. Hmm,
is there anything I could try to do things more properly and accurately? I wonder.

Another unique thing I encountered was "mohawk"-style hair. Is it back on trend? I saw
three people sporting that same type of hair on the street. Or four, if I include David Beckham’s
hair that I saw in SBS World Cup guide magazine earlier today. I can’t imagine myself sporting
mohawk-styled hair. Maybe I’d look more like a peacock. More fool than cool.

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