I Hate Junk Mails!

I Hate Junk Mails!

I find it really annoying when junk mails arrived in my mailboxes. How frustating it is to click on emails that contain various and stupid attachment format, such as .pps, .doc, .xls. It is really such a waste of time. I make sure I delete such emails straightaway without ever getting bothered to open and see what it is.
What’s more annoying is emails that pretend to spread wise words, but if you scroll down the page a little bit more, they promise silly rewards if you forward the junk mails to your friends. I hate it even more, if it contains stupid threats, such as bad luck, breakups, crossed by best mates, etc. if you don’t forward it to a number of friends. How stupid and idiotic is that? What does forwarding an ugly picture have anything to do with you get promoted at work? Or how is it possible that you’ll be fired by your boss if you don’t pass the so-called wise message to your beloved ones? If I lost my job due to redundancy, does it have anything to do with me not forwarding emails that says "True Friends are Forever". Everybody knows true friends are forever, and hard to find. Just by forwarding such emails, doesn’t automatically means you’ll be your buddy’s best mate.
This is ridiculous. I pity those people who believe in such blackmails. They’re the victim of such irrational thinking that have wasted so much valuable time and energy. Somebody gotta enlighten them, and hunt down all those internet scams!

One thought on “I Hate Junk Mails!

  1. Dina verari

    Hey Bro,

    I used to do such silly thing but nowadays i find it somewhat irritating to scroll down those junk mails n be warned to pass those email, hence i dun bother to pass since it’s really IRRATIONAL!

    However some of them are gud onesss……..!

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