My little nephew Aaron is going to be 3 years old next month. He’s been attending Child Care since two weeks ago. Sometimes he’s very naughty; at other times, he’s just soo funny, esp with those words that came out of his mouth. Here’s some of his vocabularies:

Ababuk = Officeworks
Abagus = The Incredibles (his favorite movie)
Alan = Aaron
Big Babyu = Big W
Cicin = Simpsons
Kumi = Excuse Me!
Mini-bejejack = Minimarket
Ten = Train
Pho = Four
Vise = Five
Dabun = Seven

He’s capable of singing some songs too, especially Happy Birthday Song.
This is the lyrics to his Happy Birthday song:

Happy day-to-yuyu (repeat as many times as possible)

He started to ask a lot of questions these days, especially on stuff that he’s curious about. His questions are either "si-ami-lai" (what is), "hamang-lai" (who is), "comik-ane" (why is),  or "an-talok" (where is). My younger sister just came back from Indonesia last Sunday, and once she stepped into the unit, he start asking "Hamang lai?". We all had a good laugh.

Oh, he likes to snack on Mamee Noodle too. Doesn’t do sharing. Will yell at you if you try to snatch it from him.

Cute little boy!

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