A World Full of Extreme Dreams

A World Full of Extreme Dreams

I went to Goldcoast a couple of weeks ago. It’s located in Queensland, about 2 hours by flight from Melbourne. Spent 3 nights in Moroccan Serviced Apartment, just two blocks away from Cavill Avenue, the busiest area in Goldcoast. There were 6 of us, me, my eldest sister, my bro-in-law, funny-but-naughty-at-times Aaron (my nephew), Shelly, and my dearest Mom!

Reached Goldcoast 9am in the morning, we straight away caught on shuttle bus to the apartment. After leaving our luggage in the lobby, me and Shelly went straight to first themepark: Dreamworld. We got lucky, somehow we got "Adult @ Kids Price" voucher from a good samaritan. Yay!

Guess wat’s the first ride we did once we stepped into Dreamworld? It’s Giant Drop!
Imagine yourself being lifted up to the clear blue sky, 120 metres above ground (about 35 storeys high), stayed up there for a good few seconds, before falling free on gravity speed (almost) to the ground. The feeling was a very complex one. When you’re being lifted up to the sky, you still can relax, and enjoy the view of the surrounding. Once you’re hanging up there, there’s this anxious feeling inside of you, for you know you’re gonna be "dropped" any seconds. Every second is like taking forever to go by. When the moment comes, you’ll feel like being sucked in by a tiny black hole under you. You’d feel like your butt is vanishing into thin air below you. Half way through the fall, you’ll have this strangled sensation, coz you’ve breathed your lung out, and you’re still too shocked to breathe in, not to mention the wind pressure is making it even harder to breathe in. But this doesnt last for long, coz the moment you think u’re in deep trouble, the fall has stopped, and you’ll find yourself hanging metres above ground, and slowly dropping height.

Second ride: Tower of Terror. The train leaving the platform at bullet-speed thrilled  me out. In no time am I finding myself climbing vertically through the same tower as Giant Drop. Then when the acceleration diminished, gravity force will pull you downward and backward, back to the platform. This ride took less than a minute to complete, however, the queue to it was so damn long. We spent a dull 50-minute wait.

Third ride: Cyclone. It’s just another ordinary rollercoaster, with 360° degree vertical spin, more than 45° sliding off and tilting.

Fourth ride: The Claw. This is just like a giant swing, with a rotating end.

Fifth ride: Wipeout. Double-rotating ride. Moments towards the end of this ride, things are getting more exciting coz the spinning take places much more suddenly and quickly.

Sixth ride: Vortex. This is a boring fast-spinning chamber. It uses centrifugal force to make you feel you are lying horizontally on the ground, with double of the gravity force.

That’s the Big 5 Plus One. I can’t be bothered to write about the other rides. It’s been a long day. I’ll continue the rest of the story next time.

If you’d like to see my photos, feel free to visit http://ocpuso.sclass.info/album13.php, and don’t forget to drop a comment.

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